Cristiano Ronaldo wants to see Bolt in film?

November 16, 2015
Cristiano Ronaldo and Usain Bolt

Did superstar footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, say he would like to watch Usain Bolt in his very own feature length film? 

In an interview with Sport Magazine, Ronaldo was asked which sporting figure he would watch in a feature film and though he admitted to liking and having too many names in mind, he made some effort to answer the question.

“Football players, basketball, athletes – I follow a lot of them. All the guys I like are at the top level. For example, I watched the [2015 World Championships] athletics – the qualification. I saw Usain Bolt win, then Justin Gatlin did – and I loved it! I couldn’t wait to see the final. I like sport, I like other sports – so it’s a hard question for me to answer,” he said.

Ronaldo also had his own feature length documentary film made and though he seemingly tried to avoid singling out a particular person, he would not have been the first to suggest that Bolt thinks about film.

"You should definitely be in front of the cameras, you have a charming personality," popular TV host Ellen DeGeneres told Bolt in an interview in October.

Well if he really retires after the Olympic Games next year, he may just be hanging his spikes and holding scripts. Who knows?



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