Fastest man alive promotes fast-speed internet in South Africa

November 23, 2015

Usain Bolt, the fastest man alive has teamed up with South Africa's national telecommunications operator Telkom to promote fibre technology, which delivers high speed internet service.

Telkom has not revealed the amount that the Jamaican superstar will be paid for the deal but revealed that Bolt was perfect for their fibre optic roll-out as they are aiming to convince people of the technology's speed.

“We believe that Bolt‚ as the fastest person in the world‚ will assist us in creating awareness of the speed‚ consistency and reliability that fibre technology offers‚” Telkom’s Chief Marketing Officer‚ Enzo Scarcella‚ said in a statement announcing the partnership.

Telkom says it hopes to reach one million homes with fibre by 2018 to expand what it says is already the largest fibre network in the country.

Fibre technology can transfer more data over longer distances than copper wire and permits Internet connections equalling 100 Mbps in downstream speeds.

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