KSAFA turns to the JDF for refs

November 25, 2015
KSAFA president Stewart Stephenson

Facing a chronic shortage of referees ahead of the start of the 2015-2016 Charley's JB Rum in KSAFA Super and Major League competitions, the Kingston and St Andrew Federation has its sights set on using Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) servicemen, who it considers as ''men of integrity", to fill that gap.

Despite the shortage, there is a 20 per cent increase in referee fees, revealed KSAFA president Stewart Stephenson at the launch of the competition, held at the Wray & Nephew head office on Dominica Drive in New Kingston yesterday.

"We are seeking to get 50 candidates for training and we are glad the JDF officers are here and we believe we can tap in on a vital resource of the JDF.

"These are men of integrity; most importantly, they are fit and they know the game. And we are going to be seeking a minimum of 30 recruits from the JDF. In addition, we will be asking the Masters League and our clubs to nominate candidates for referees," he pointed out.

League fees

KSAFA has budgeted a total of $1.7 million for referees' fees - $800,000 for the Super League and $700,000 to the Major League.

"This season we are going to have a challenge with referees. We have a challenge because the numbers are dwindling and we in KSAFA have to do something about that.

"There is going to be a second round of recruiting for referees. I spoke to Peter Prendergast, the JFF's committee chairman, and he has confirmed to me that by the second week in January we will have this second round of recruiting," added Stephenson.

He said KSAFA is now focused on getting suitable candidates from the clubs, Master League and other sections of football to add to the list of match officials.

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