Arsenal's head coach reveals his love for Bob Marley's music

December 04, 2015

Respected football manager and Arsenal head coach Arsène Wenger has revealed his admiration for reggae king Bob Marley, stating that he regularly listens to Bob Marley's music in his spare time.

Wenger made the revelation during an interview with French outlet Le Parisien on Friday.

“Yes, I love his music and the man that he was,” said Wenger. “He was not ‘fabricated’. He was real. I love people who do not have conventional paths and who stand out because of their talent. Raymond Devos and Pierre Desproges are also some of my favourite comedians”, Wenger reportedly said.

Wenger has been trending on the internet since he made known that aspect of his personality.

Wenger, 66,was born in France and began his long tenure at the helm of Arsenal in 1996.

He led Arsenal to FA Premier League titles in 1998, 2002 and 2004.

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