McConnell impresses in Canada rally

December 09, 2015
@Normal:Fraser McConnell

Though debuting in one of the most challenging rally events in North America at Tall Pines in Canada, 17-year-old Fraser McConnell had an electrifying start to the world of Canadian motorsport in only his second rally as a driver. McConnell placed a 11th place in the national standings.

Co-driving with the Jamaican was experienced Nathalie Richard, who helped the teen to third overall, first in class production, two-wheel drive, first in novice, and 11th in the national standings.

"He did a great job and impressed me right from shakedown, which was his first time sitting in a car. I was almost as proud of him and his supportive family members! Good stuff, Fraser!" Richard said of McConnell's exploits.

McConnell, a high-school student in Canada, remains buoyed ahead of his future in the sport.

"It's a new experience for me, good leaning experience with a new car and new navigator.

"Throughout the day, I got faster and faster. It was quite a challenge but what was exciting for me is that I was beating turbo four-wheel drive and open class," he said.

"It was like the biggest event in the world for me, and I just wanted to make my name. I will be trying to compete more abroad, next year, and get more power in the car," he added.

McConnell's father, Peter, said the family was torn about the decision to participate in Canada because it coincided with Rally Jamaica.

"But we felt that he had much more to gain by competing in one of North America's premier rally events."

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