Halliman for KTHS?

December 12, 2015
Excelsior coach Leebert Halliman

After having last tasted any real success in schoolboy football in more than 30 years, Kingston Technical High School (KTHS) is plotting its return to winning and the school believes Leebert Halliman is the man to guide the pursuit.

STAR Sports understands that Halliman, the former Manning Cup and Walker Cup winner with Excelsior High School, and KTHS could reach an agreement on terms today.

KTHS won the Walker Cup in 1981 and in the latest season finished a dismal Manning Cup campaign without a win or point in Group C.

The school's principal, Ernest Donaldson, told STAR Sports that the school was in discussion with Halliman, who coached at the Hanover-based school early in his career.

"But we have not signed off yet, we are still involved in discussions," he said.

"Halliman is a hard worker, good motivator and type of coach who will be able to get the support of parents and alumni," he said of the impact the coach may make.

"I believe (he) will instil discipline in the team," he added noting that a lack of discipline was the cause of their below par performance in the Manning Cup this year.

Donaldson and the school's alumni view the tactician as more than a coach, but a strict disciplinarian who could shake things up and inspire them back to respectability.

Halliman also coached St Andrew Technical High School to the Manning Cup title in 1987.

He began his coaching exploits with Marcus Garvey High in 1974, and has developed a name as an inspirational, no-nonsense and disciplined football tactician at schools like Calabar, Kingston Technical, and Wolmer's Boys where he won the Walker Cup.

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