I can take Waterhouse to the top - Maxwell

January 08, 2016

Veteran coach Geoffrey Maxwell said he would be ready to immediately return to the Waterhouse Football Club if necessary.

Maxwell, who has coached the club on three separate stints,

admitted that several players and personnel close had asked him to return to the struggling club.

Maxwell said not only would he "be ready to help out immediately", but stressed that "I could take Waterhouse to top four finish this Red Stripe Premier League campaign".

Waterhouse is at the bottom of the 12-team RSPL league, and a total of 14 points from attaining one of four play-off spots.

The coach led Waterhouse to the Premier League title, all-island knockout titles and Jackie Bell knockout competitions and considers himself a project manager/coach who is hired to fix problems or win titles

"I've spoken to certain players and they have told me it's better I come back and take charge of the club," he told STAR Sports in a recent telephone interview.

"People close to the powers that be have given me good reception, but I haven't been approached by any managerial person."

Maxwell said he was hurt to see the club losing in such a manner.

"Waterhouse are strong enough to be in the top four. It really hurts me to see what is happening. From what I have been told quietly, just one player there is objecting to me coming back.

"If I take over tomorrow, it is my strong belief I can carry them to the final four," he reiterated.

"I have watched the team three times now against different oppositions and they are lacking in methods, systems, and guidance."

The Drewsland-based club is in the cellar in the 12 league competition, having won three games from 19 played so far.

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