Media ignore Portmore - Waugh

January 09, 2016
Ian Allen/Photographer Damarley Samuels right, from Waterhouse F.C. is taken down with a sliding tackle from Kemar Phillipott from Portmore United during the third round of the Red Stripe National Premier League football match at the Waterhouse Stadium on Sunday, September 20.

Portmore United coach, Andre Waugh, says while his team attracts very little media attention, he remains confident they will surprise Jamaicans en-route to a top four finish in the Red stripe Premier League this season.

Portmore has won 11 games, the joint most in the league so far. They trail Montego Bay on 37 points by goal difference, with 10 wins, seven draws, and two losses.

"There is no player that the media is focused on here (Portmore United), and that is funny to us. They are not even focused on us but we have never allowed external factors to set our agenda," Waugh told STAR Sports, at the Red Stripe Premier League Press conference at Spanish Town Road, on Thursday.

The five-time national Premier League champions are back from relegation, and seem to have taken little time to find their way to second in the compact RSPL standings.

"It's not about the media hype and attention but it is about what opportunities we create for our players and for our club. Certainly the media could enhance that, but we are not allowing external factors to set our agenda," Waugh said.

He stressed that Portmore United's history of five national titles, one Caribbean Football Union title, and other league cups speaks for itself.

"After we got relegated we took an opportunity to look at our systems and structures. We drafted a plan and it's about being consistent, going back to basics and getting back that philosophy which made us a great club by holding players and staff accountable to their work every game," he said.

Waugh is confident Portmore is set to succeed.

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