Usain Bolt pays tribute to Lionel Messi

January 14, 2016
Usain Bolt speaks about what makes Lionel Messi great.

Having been declared the world's best footballer for a record fifth time by world governing body FIFA, Barcelona's Lionel Messi has been receiving praises from some of the world's biggest sports stars.


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American network CNN quizzed some of the world's biggest athletes on what makes Messi great and of course, Jamaica's sprint king Usain Bolt had to be included.


Here's what the sprint king had to say about Messi:


"He makes football look like me against a fifth grader, playing football," Bolt says between laughs.


"He's dominant, he seems like a cool person and it's just great watching him," Bolt says in the short video created by CNN.


But while Bolt hailed Messi, it seemed he couldn't pass up the opportunity to highlight his favourite football player - which just happens to be Messi's biggest rival Cristiano Ronaldo.

"My favourite player sorry, is Critiano Ronaldo, I must say," Bolt declares at the end of the video.


Other top athletes who were asked about Messi include tennis star Roger Federer and Formula One racing star Fernando Alonso.

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