Theories of the fall of WI cricket

January 18, 2016
@Normal:Professor Sir Hilary Beckles speaking at Friday night's RJR Sport Foundation's National Sportsman and Sportswoman awards ceremony at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.

Vice-Chancellor of the University of the West Indies, Sir Hilary Beckles, has developed 10 theories based on explanations Caribbean people have come up with for the decline of West Indies cricket over the last two decades.

Sir Hilary, who was the guest speaker at Friday evening's RJR Sports Foundation Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year awards ceremony, said he shed tears inside Sabina Park during the fourth Test between the West Indies and Australia in 1995 a match which could be seen as heralding the decline of the Caribbean cricket team.

"After a hundred years of achieving excellence, going to the mountain top, exporting that excellence to the world, celebrated by the world, we have seen the loss of that excellence," Sir Hilary said.

"I have listened to the all the conversations since then. I have heard all the arguments since as to why a people have lost an excellent that they have achieved and I have put together all these arguments into 10 compelling theories," he added.

He listed the theories as:

1) All that rises must fall. It's only natural that excellence once achieved cannot be sustained because all that goes up must come down.

2) The mismanagement of excellence

3) We have not applied science and technology to sustain what we have achieved.

4) Poor facilities

5) Poor youth leadership. Young people are not groomed in school in the art of leadership.

6) Loss of skill

7) Caribbean people are custodians of an exhausted culture; we are fatigued. We fought against slavery, we fought for Independence and after 300 years of struggling to get where we are, we are now exhausted as a culture.

8) There is no consensus between citizen and state and the people do not wish to represent their nation.

9) Poor education

10) Other nations learnt the art of learning quicker and smarter than West Indians.

Sir Hilary, juxtaposed the excellence of Jamaica's sport to that of West Indies cricket in its glory years, and said the fate of the Caribbean cricket must never befall Jamaica.

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