Lothian bats for inner city cricket


January 19, 2016

Kingston and St Andrew Cricket Association president, Godfrey Lothian, strongly believes the inner-city community of Maxfield Avenue and its environs are rich with talent and he has revealed that plans are in place to develop a cricket academy at the Maxfield Park Cricket Ground.

Lothian, who is also president of the Jamaica Table Tennis Association, said the Kingston and St Andrew Cricket Association is looking towards growing the sports from the grassroots level.

"We are undertaking a massive infrastructure programme because we want to change around the cricket, especially in the inner city, so we are building two new pitches at a cost of $600,000.

"Work will also take place on practice pitches. The aim is to establish an academy and to ensure that we again have a number of domestic leagues here," Lothian added.

The pitches are projected to be completed within the next three months. "We are definitely targeting the grassroots. Maxfield Park, Eastwood Park Gardens, Greenwich Town, Payne Avenue, Rose Town, Union Gardens and Riverton City are some of the communities we are looking at.

"Massive numbers play cricket in these areas, these are the lands of Lawrence Rowe, Anthony Campbell and Colin Fletcher, all past Jamaican players.

"We want to start producing cricket greats from these areas again," he told STAR Sports last weekend.

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