"I wanted to buy my mother a washing machine," - Bolt

January 22, 2016
Usain Bolt and his mother Jennifer Bolt

Whenever Usain Bolt talks about his success, he never leaves his parents, Wellesley and Jennifer Bolt out of the picture.


The speed king revealed that though he hated track and field training as a youngster, he was motivated to continue because he dreamed of buying gifts for his parents that would improve their lives.


"That's how it started out, to help my parents. My mother always washed and when she finish wash her fingers sometimes blistered and stuff like that...I wanted to buy my mother a washing machine," Bolt said in part 2 of his interview with veteran journalist Ian Boyne.


"And even in the country we don't have running water regular so we used to have to throw water in the washing machine to make it wash but I really wanted that," Bolt said between chuckles.


The track star also revealed that he wanted to buy his father a vehicle and help him become a homeowner.


"...the next thing for me was to get my father a vehicle because he had a bike but he used to use the company van and then he got redundant so he had no van it was just a bike. And then I wanted to help him pay off the loan off the house that we were living in," Bolt expressed.


The 29-year-old track star also admitted that cars, parties and a leaving a legacy in track and field were motivations that came as he grew in the sport and learned of the exciting things success could bring.


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