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January 27, 2016
Ian Allen/Photographer Rivoli United's Jeremy Nelson (left) gets a shin shot of the ball as he is challenged by Boys' Town's Garfield Gillespie in their Red Stripe Premier League football at the Barbican Field on Sunday. Rivoli won 3-2.


National Cross Country Championships at G.C. Foster College

SATURDAY, January 30


Horse racing at Caymanas Park


KSAFA Super League all games at 3: 30 p.m.

n Maxfield Park FC vs Real Mona FC at Maxfield Park

n August Town FC vs Barbican at Mona Bowl

n Maverly/Hughenden FC vs Shortwood United FC at Maverly Park

n Seaview Gardens FC vs Rae Town FC at Seaview

n Browns Town FC vs Bull Bay FC at Vauxhall High

n Santos FC vs Rockfort FC at Bell/Chung Oval

KSAFA Major League

New Kingston FC vs Police National FC 3:30pm at Barbican


St Elizabeth Technical York Castle Deon Hemmings Classic at Noranda Bauxite Sports Club, Discovery Bay St. Ann

Queen's Grace Jackson Memorial at National Stadium


Netball Jamaica JN Open League

n Flying Angels 'A' vs Arnett Gardens

n Maxfield Park vs Jamalco

n Kens Wildflower vs Payneland

n Liguanea United vs Waulgrovians 'B'

n Police 'B' vs Ebony Strikers

n Raven 'A' vs Sports & Games 'B'

n Alexander Strikers vs Southboro

n Tantrum vs Cablepro

n Speg 'B' vs Upper Camp

n Blades United 'B' vs Mico 'B'

n Hagley Park vs Jetsetters

Waterhouse Eagles vs Tivoli Gardens

n Molynes Utd 'B' vs Fresh Approach

n Eden Strikers 'A' vs Waulgrovians 'A'

n Friendship vs Alpha 'B'

n Duhaney Park 'B' vs Queens Park

n JDF vs Alpha 'A'

n Eden Strikers 'B' vs Wolmers 'A'

n Skibo vs Jobs Lane 'B'

n Molynes Utd 'A' vs Flying Angels 'B'

n Ken's Wildflower vs Waulgrovians 'B'

n Pembroke Hall 'C' vs Liguanea United

n Arnett Gdns vs Maxfield Pk

n Jamalco vs Payneland

n Raven 'A' vs Blades Utd 'C'

n Alexander Stk vs Tantrum

n Sports & Games 'A' vs Cablepro

n Southboro vs Ebony Strikers

n Jetsetters vs Tivoli Gdns

n Mico 'B' vs Duhaney Pk 'A'

n Upper Camp vs Waterhouse Eagles

Hagley Park vs n Blades Utd 'B'

n Friendship vs Waulgrovians 'A'

n Raven 'B' vs Duhaney Pk 'B'

n Alpha 'B' vs Fresh Approach

n Eden Strikers

'A' vs Queens Park

n Rollington Town vs Jobs Lane 'B'

n J D F vs Wolmers 'A'

n Flying Angels 'B' vs Alpha 'A'

n Eden Strikers 'B' vs Skibo

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