Young will keep fighting

February 03, 2016
Paul Young Sr

Paul Young is fully aware that the task of saving Waterhouse FC from relegation in the Red Stripe Premier League is becoming more difficult each week.

With nine rounds of games remaining in the preliminary stage of the nation's top football league, Waterhouse are sitting at the bottom of the 12-team standings on 21 points from 24 games.

Having lost the previous fixture 1-0 away to new boys UWI FC last Sunday, Waterhouse's chances of staying in the league are fading fast.

Waterhouse next play 10th-place Tivoli Gardens on 26 points at Drewsland next Sunday, in a potential six-point game. Tivoli are on a two-game winning streak since the return of Glendon 'Admiral' Bailey as technical leader.

"It is a very crucial game against Tivoli on Sunday," Young, who took over as coach last month told STAR Sports. "We have to win the game," he added.

"We have to continue to work hard and get some luck. We were not lucky in the last game," Young pointed out.

The former Reggae Boy striker was brought in at Drewsland to get the team out of its unfamiliar situation, but the team has not improved in the competition.

"I am not giving up. I know it will not be easy, but we have the personnel to stay in the league," Young said.

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