German FA goes to court


February 06, 2016
file Beckenbauer


The German football federation (DFB) opened legal proceedings against Franz Beckenbauer, former members, and FIFA in a bid to limit potential damages arising from the 2006 World Cup corruption affair.

The DFB told The Associated Press in a statement yesterday that it has "taken the necessary measures to prevent a possible limitation of claims" that it can make against former head of the German World Cup organising committee, Beckenbauer; and his then vice-president, Fedor Radmann; former DFB presidents Theo Zwanziger and Wolfgang Niersbach; former DFB general secretary Horst R. Schmidt; the executors of the late Robert Louis-Dreyfus' estate, together with FIFA.

"To safeguard the (DFB's) rights, applications were lodged" with a conciliatory body in Hamburg, the German federation said.

Central to the affair is a suspect payment made to FIFA by the DFB before the 2006 World Cup was awarded.

The DFB previously said the money was a loan of 10 million Swiss francs US$7.22 million from then Adidas boss Dreyfus, paid to FIFA in 2002 to obtain a much larger grant for the World Cup organising committee. The DFB later repaid Dreyfus, who died in 2009.

Niersbach, who resigned as DFB president on November 9, said the payment had been arranged personally between Beckenbauer, who was leading the bid, and FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

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