Blatter rules out endorsing any FIFA presidential candidate


February 19, 2016


Sepp Blatter says he won't publicly support a candidate in the FIFA election, though four of the five men have contacted him.

The suspended FIFA president told French radio station RMC on Wednesday that he "can't, it's not possible" to intervene in the February 26 ballot to succeed him.

Blatter says "four of the five candidates contacted me and spoke about" the campaign.

He declined to identify the fifth candidate even when his interviewers suggested it was Prince Ali of Jordan, who he beat to win re-election last May.

Blatter says, "You can deduce it was perhaps him that was against me."

He also reveals that 'several' of FIFA's 209-member federations have called asking him how they should vote.

Blatter says he told them: "Vote with your conscience."

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