Usain Bolt responds to Justin Gatlin?

February 26, 2016

Did Usain Bolt 'clap back' at Justin Gatlin? It would seem so.

The fastest man in the world seemed to have been dropping some words at the American who recently said in the media that he will beat Bolt at the Olympics later this year.

"I'm going to win. We are bringing it (gold medal) back to the USA," Gatlin told TMZ Sports.

"We are gonna bring it back to the USA, to LA to New York. We are going on a tour around the country with it around my neck like a gold chain," the outspoken American added.

But Bolt who usually ignores Gatlin took to his Instagram a few days after Gatlin made his comment and though he did not mention the American, many are insinuating that Bolt's comment were directed at him.

"Keep talking and I will keep working hard #Foreverfaster #SecuringTheLegacy #Blessed," the track star wrote.

Bolt often describes Gatlin as a person who loves to talk.

In a post race interview after the World Championships last year, Bolt said that Gatlin talks before the race but changes his stance after.

"He talks a lot, I've noticed over the years. That's just who he is. I've noticed that leading up to the championships he's gonna say a lot of stuff but after the championships he confuses you, you feel like he's your best friend," Bolt said.



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