Schafer: Only the best will be selected

March 01, 2016
@Normal:Arnett Gardens' Vishinul Harris.

National football coach, Winfried Schäfer, has declared that only the best players, overseas or local-based, will be in his team for the upcoming CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers.
"The best players play in my team. (If) ... the local players are better than overseas players, yes they play. How many local players go out in the past two years from Jamaica to play overseas? Kemar Lawrence, Alvas Powell, Andre Clennon (Jamaican born overseas-based players) are local players, they go out and are not local players now ... it is good for the football in Jamaica when the players go out and bring money back. When they go out from here money comes back to the clubs and the clubs have more money to grow better infrastructure," he said.
 A 24-man squad of local-based was named on Monday to prepare for the March 25 CONCACAF World Cup qualifier against Costa Rica.
One player named in that squad, Arnett Gardens' Vishinul Harris,  has impressed Schäfer this season and could be in the mix for the upcoming World Cup qualifier.
Harris is currently away with his club participating in the Caribbean Football Union club championships in the Dominica Republic.
"Harris ...  he is a good player I have seen him. Probably yes (will be in squad) but not only him. But I don't know (yet), we have time ..." Schäfer said.
"We want the local players in training so we can make the local players better. Our training is good for local players as it helps build their confidence and helps to make them better," he reasoned.
The 24-man squad: Andre Vassell, Andrew Vanzie, Ronaldo Rodney, Allan Ottey, Jermaine Woozencraft, Andre Dyce, Ricardo Morris, Upston Edwards, Jamie Robinson, Omar Daley, Damano Solomon, Rohan Roye, Jason Moore, Mark Miller, Chevone Marsh, Hughan Gray, Shaven Sean Paul (GK), Rosario Harriott, John-Ross Edwards, Vishinul Harris, Swayne Thomas, Amal Knight (GK), Ramone McGregor and Nicholas Campbell (GK). The training camp started Monday and ends today.

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