'Frog' takes it home in 55 seconds

March 11, 2016
File Richard 'Frog' Holmes

There was an eerie silence and disbelief at the Chinese Benevolent Association on Wednesday night, when the first fight in the 2016 Contender Series, between Richard 'Frog' Holmes and Xaviar Ford, ended after only 55 seconds.

Holmes was declared the winner by technical knockout after Ford tore a tendon in his right shoulder and could not continue.

After seeing two amateur bouts that ended by way of first-round knockouts, the large and enthusiastic crowd settled down for what was expected to be an exciting five-round bout between the 19-year-old Ford, who is from North Carolina, USA, and Jamaica's Holmes.

Holmes, 28, was favoured by the crowd because he had a 10-5 record. Ford had one win and three losses going into the fight. Holmes was also runner-up in the competition last year as a middleweight.

early promise

Ford started aggressively, throwing jabs and moving in and out quickly, in an effort to get himself on the scorecards of the judges early. He landed a few good jabs to Holmes' body and head, and gave the fans an early promise of an exciting fight.

That was not to be however, because, while engaging in an exchange, Ford stopped abruptly in his tracks, dropped his right shoulder and grimaced. Obviously in great pain, he was taken over to a neutral corner for an assessment by ring physician Dr Andre McDonald, who advised referee Eion Jardine that the fight had to be stopped because Ford was in no condition to continue.

Ford was then taken to his dressing room, where he was treated and taken by ambulance to hospital. An MRI revealed that he had suffered a torn tendon in his right shoulder.

He and his trainer, Chris Joy, left Jamaica yesterday for North Carolina.

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