Waterhouse to regroup

April 07, 2016
@Normal:Waterhouse's coach Anthony Patrick

COACH of Waterhouse Football Club Anthony Patrick said the Drewsland-based club will be looking to regroup and identify several new players to take them forward into the next Red Stripe Premier League season.

The former champions were saved the embarrassment of relegation by a mere thread as they defeated Boys' Town 3-0 in the final regular game of the season on Sunday to finish the league in 10th position, right about the drop zone.

Patrick said the team is short of players and that is something they hope to rectify soon.

"We have the Jackie Bell (Knockout) Finals and we are focusing on that, and we are going to have to make some changes with player personnel. We are short of six or seven players to make up the squad to make it competitive for the next premier league season," he said.

As for where those players will be coming from, Patrick suggested the team has several options.

"We know a lot of players who will be coming back. We have a very good youth roster. We have players in and around the league, but we have two players we definitely we want to play for Waterhouse, but we won't be saying anything at this time," he said.

Patrick said it was confidence which helped the team to recover from a desperate situation to remain in the top flight.

"We were very confident going into the last two games. The game against Reno was going to be the toughest one; getting that three points would be like getting six points against Reno and we really dug deep to get that result. In the last game, we started out so confident and we really got ourselves into the game and we played a lot," he said.

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