Playing in 'Jungle' was Portmore's choice - manager Marshall

April 16, 2016
@Normal:Humble Lion's Ricardo Cousins (centre) dives to the ground after opening the scoring for his team in the Red Stripe Premier League first-leg semi-final clash against Portmore United at the Effortville Community Centre in Clarendon yesterday. At left is Kemeel Wolfe while at right is Fabian Pascoe.
@Normal:Humble Lion's Levaughn Williams (left) gets a head to the ball while under pressure from Portmore United's Kareem Manning in their Red Stripe Premier League semi-final encounter at Effortville Sports Complex. Humble Lion won 2-1.

Portmore United manager Clive Marshall said the decision to host their Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) second leg semi-final against Humble Lion at the Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex in Trench Town was entirely theirs.

The announcement that the return fixture would be played away from Portmore United's usual home venue, - Juici Patties Field, has been met with considerable concern by fans. The perception that Portmore were being forced to play at Arnett Gardens' home ground spread throughout the week.

However, Marshall made it clear that his club was not forced into such a decision, but that they actually chose the location in order to play the game at a suitable venue.


"This game is a Monday night affair, so we looked at a venue where it would be suitable to collect at the gate because it is our home leg of the semi-final clash," Marshall told STAR Sports on Thursday during the RSPL's weekly press conference at Red Stripe's Hospitality Lounge.

The game, which will see Portmore United looking to overturn a 1-2 deficit, will be aired live on Television Jamaica this Monday, starting at 8:40 p.m.

"It was the club's decision to play there. I heard the argument on the radio but it was known that each club in the semi-finals was given a home leg," he emphasised.

Looking back at the first-leg that Portmore lost to Humble Lion for the first time in four games this season, Marshall said it was his team's "off day".

"The entire team had an off day. Humble Lion was the better team despite the fact that I thought the referee did not have a good game," the manager said.

"Well, the two teams are closely matched, but the soggy conditio, due to rains, did not help us. We hope to have a good surface to play on at Arnett. We are trying to lift the spirit of the team. I am charging the technical team for the players not to make the mistakes that cost us the game," Marshall said.

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