Chris Gayle calls his daughter Blush

April 21, 2016
Chris Gayle and Natasha Berridge (Photo via:IG @chrisgayle333)

"Don't blush, baby"...but she is. At least that is what her daddy calls her.

West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle is calling his daughter Blush.

He took to Instagram on Wednesday evening to announce the baby's arrival and laud baby's mother, Natasha Berridge.

"We would like to welcome the arrival of our beautiful daughter 'Blush' to this world 2 hours ago, Thank God. #GoodHealth&Strength - The greatest gift and feelings anyone would want. Great experience witnesses every bit of it. Have to give my blessings to Tasha, strong woman.#Amen," he wrote.

Many are insinuating that he is calling the baby Blush to make light of a media fiasco he was involved in sometime ago in Australia, where while complimenting a reporter, he told her, "Don't blush, baby."

"Don't 'BLUSH' baby turned into Real Life event!" one of his followers commented.

"This is problematic," another said.

Many also expressed that it was only a pet name.

And while there is still no indication as to whether it is her real name, Blush Gayle has a nice ring to it.

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