Diamond Debate – 110m Hurdles

May 13, 2016
@Normal:Jamaica's Omar McLeod (centre) crosses the finish line to win the men's 60-metre hurdles final during the World Indoor Athletics Championships on March 19 in Portland, Oregon. France's Pascal Martinot-Lagarde (right) finished second and France's Dimitri Bascou finished third.

Diamond Debate - 110m Hurdles

KC Graham: Without a doubt, Omar McLeod is the man to beat in the 110 m hurdles event in Shanghai.

Lowe: Well, he's in incredible form at the moment for sure and he seems to be growing even more confident as the races go by, but it might not be as straightforward as you think.

KC Graham: Yes. It is as straightforward as it gets. He has no match once he is clean over the hurdles. He has blinding speed between the hurdles and it's too much for his opponents especially over the first five.

Lowe: He is a class above everyone at this point and his explosiveness gives him the advantage. But he has not been hurdling cleanly and we saw that in Doha were he lost some pace towards the end of the race because of this. The thing is, the other guys weren't clean either, but he will have to improve his clearance or the others will get him at some point. This event has too much firepower and these things will cost you more often than not.

KC Graham: It's perhaps a good thing he isn't too clean over the hurdles yet because his times would be even scarier. I have no doubt that if he has a clean race, he will smash the world record and take it to a new level maybe even 12.75 or lower.

Lowe: Hard to doubt his talent and ability when it's staring everyone in the face, plus he has shown for some time that he is a special athlete. The world record may come; that probably won't happen on Saturday though when he will face another key test. He has the target on his back and all the big guns have taken aim.

KC Graham: Once he is clean over the hurdles everyone else will be running for the other places. What Usain Bolt is to the sprints, McLeod is the special one for the sprint hurdles and I am hoping that his presence will inspire Parchment, who is not consistent in the event and has not run good back-to-back races.

Lowe: You might have a point on Parchment and back-to-back races, but he's also a big meet, big event athlete. He is an Olympic and World Championships medallist let's not forget. Also, McLeod as special as he is, certainly has a long way to go before anyone can call him the 'Bolt' of anything, so let's not get ahead of ourselves. But as far as the immediate future is concerned, if he has a clean race, he wins; it's pretty simple.

KC Graham: Close to being clean?! He can hit all the hurdles and still win. No disrespect to the others but he is that good. I see him winning easily in 12.90 while Aries Merritt could run a big race with Orlando Ortega, Oliver and Parchment fighting for the remaining spots.

Lowe: Well. OK. Superlatives aside, I'll go with McLeod for a strong win ahead of Ortega. It's anybody's guess, who follows those two.

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