Young swimmer graduating to the big leagues

June 15, 2016
@Normal:Joshua Alleyne

Outgoing Sts Peter and Paul Prep's head boy, Joshua Alleyne, who finished the boys 11-12 age group with 49 points at the 2016 Milo Prep and Primary Schools Swimming Championships last Saturday hopes to transition to the high-school level, and eventually become an Olympian.

The swimmer, who has been unbeaten over the last two years, broke records in the 100m freestyle, 50m backstroke, and 50m freestyle at the National Aquatics Centre, following two days of competition.

Alleyne describes swimming as more than fun and a hobby.

"In the future, I actually want to be an Olympian.

"I definitely think I will transition from this level to high school, definitely," Alleyne told STAR Sports.

Alleyne said that his passion outside of school is swimming.

"You have to come out in the mornings, in the afternoon; you have to come out like every possible time that you can, to make sure that you stay in the water. Cause swimming, being an ungrateful sport, if you stay away for one day, most likely you are not going to be able to just come in the pool and do well," the youngster said.

While Sts Peter and Paul Prep finished fourth at the championships with 348 points, Alleyne was hoping to lead from the front to a top three.

"I hoped we would come in the top three, but we didn't, sadly," he said, adding that Sts Peter had done a lot for him as a swimmer.

"Every time I will get interviewed at Campion, I am gonna thank my school for where I am now. High school will be like a new experience, a new encounter, but I will be ready," he said.

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