I wasn't pressured to quit PLCA - Price

July 01, 2016
Andrew Price

Former general manager of the Premier League Clubs' Association (PLCA), Andrew Price, says he was not pressured to quit the post after almost three years.

Price resigned as PLCA general manager on Monday to take up a job elsewhere.

"I am taking up some new opportunities here. I have a confidential agreement not to disclose where I am heading. I won't say right now," Price told STAR Sports yesterday.

"It (the new job) is something fully Jamaican as my heart is in Jamaica," he added.

However, Price also said he will remain as a director of the PLCA and also technical director and vice-president at Boys' Town FC.

"I will be vocal as ever," he warned.

He says since taking the post in 2013, things were accomplished.

"We got more exposure through title sponsor Red Stripe. People are talking about the RSPL throughout the Caribbean and in other countries in the region. A lot of players are getting contracts in other countries. I believe the league is making strides. We have better monthly subvention for the clubs," he shared.

"We need to have proper surfaces and infrastructure at the clubs. We definitely need assistance moving forward," Price, who has served Boys' Town as player and coach said.

A release to the media last Friday stated: "This serves to officially inform you that Mr Andrew Price will depart office effective 27th June, 2016, to take up a new position elsewhere."

"As chairman (Edward Seaga), on behalf of the directors of the Premier League Clubs' Association, I wish Mr Price all the best in his new position," it continued.

Experienced administrator Patricia Garel has replaced Price since June 28. She has served for many years in the position of assistant company secretary and has extensive experience in local and international sports administration.

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