Squash players to get coaching certification

July 07, 2016
Ashante Smith

Top-ranked senior squash players Julian Morrison and Ashante Smith are among the first recipients of Level One certification under the new coaching qualification system which was introduced by the World Squash Federation (WSF) in 2015.

The senior national team players were part of a cohort of 11 who participated in a four-day training course, which was held at the Liguanea Club in Kingston in late June.

The group also included local coaches Gill Binnie, David Harrison, Jeremy Parkinson, and Noel McKrieth, and players Ricardo Ardito, Nathlee Boreland, Champlini Henry, Stewart Maxwell and Ray Binnie.

The certification scheme was introduced by the WSF in order to institute a unified and standardised coaching system for world squash. The qualifications earned under the regime are recognised by squash associations across the globe.

The course involved both classroom sessions, which dealt with theory, and practical training on the squash courts. Participants had to pass a practical and an oral examination in order to be eligible for certification.

President of the Jamaica Squash Association, Chris Hind, said, "If we want to continue to produce top-quality squash players, we have to be fully up to date with the latest and most effective coaching methods."

Jamaica now has a total of 12 WSF Level One coaches, as junior team coach Fritzroy Smith received the certification in 2015.

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