MoBay-born cyclist decries state of sport in Jamaica

July 15, 2016
Lucien Black Contributed

Never mind that Montego Bay-born cyclist Lucien Black never rode for Jamaica, he is thinking of returning home to help spur the development of the sport he loves.

Black said he could one day return to seek the top job at the Jamaica Cycling Federation and usher in a new dawn for cycling, but only if the opportunity presents itself.

Black wants to see the country constantly represented at the Olympics and big meets across the world, adding that it is shameful that the velodrome at the National Stadium is not being used. He is calling on the cycling federation to find new ways of reclaiming the sport's glory days.

"How can you not use the velodrome for the purpose it was intended. Cycling in Jamaica is not where it should be. Where are the Olympic berths, the Caribbean titles, where is the growth?" asked Black.

"Jamaica is known for speed. When you look at the natural abilities of our athletes, speed is what gives us the edge. So why not use this to our benefit, so instead of track athletics, maybe some kid could use his foot speed on a bicycle to good effect," he added.

Jamaica has only one medal in cycling at the Olympics Moscow when David Weller took bronze in the 1,000m individual time trial.

"These have been great for me and my family but what I dream, big time, about is giving back to Jamaica. That is my country. I want to share and make cycling strong again in Jamaica," Black insisted.

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