Disappointed Love will rise again

July 22, 2016
File Love

Since the start of the International Association of Athletics Federations World Under-20 Championships on Tuesday, there have been several disappointments for the 39-strong Jamaica team here in Poland.

Several team members who were expected to be in finals, and even medal, failed to get past the preliminary round.

Outstanding discus thrower Shanice Love, the female team captain, was expected to do very well. She came to Bydgoszcz full of confidence and after an automatic 51.50 metres qualification, a medal seemed a foregone conclusion.

Love's coach, Michael Vassell, said her failure to even register a throw was beyond explanation.

"It is just one of those days where she really wanted it and she was trying real hard; but you have some bad days, and she just chose to have her bad day at that time," he said.

"We sat down and spoke about the whole thing and she cried because she had to let it out. She is leaving to attend school soon at Florida State University and I told her not to let that disappointment define her because she is a champion, and she will rise again," he added.

"She is a team person and she always try her best to lead by example; and maybe one of the worst feelings for her (is) she did not get a chance to contribute to the team," he said.

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