New Marverley/Hughenden president wants to take club to the top

July 29, 2016
Craig Walters

Newly elected president of Maverley-Hughenden FC, Craig Walters promised to take the club to the top spot in the Red Stripe Premier League within the next three years.

Maverley/Hughenden returned to the nation's elite league for the first time in over two decades after qualification last month.

"I want Maverley/Hughenden to be number one in the long-term. The plan is to achieve that within three years, once we have the right personnel in place," Walters told STAR Sports following the special meeting and election last week held at Calabar High School auditorium.

Walters had put in place persons with experience in different areas in order to achieve his goal.

"I must state that contrary to rumours Boris Johnson is a part of a panel of coaches. He will work alongside head coach Shaka (Lijyasu) Simms and 'Hugh Bingy' Blair," the president informed.


"Baris is a former Maverley/Hughenden and national player. He is familiar with the community and has passion to move the club forward," he added.

"We are trying to strengthen the programme by recruiting players. Right now, we have seen a number of players with premier league experience who are from clubs such as Humble Lion, Rivoli, Tivoli and Arnett Gardens. They are interested in joining the club.

"We want to strengthen the entire programme from the Under-13 to senior level. The aim is to get players into the overseas market. The youth players are the future," Walters, who was vice-president and manager during the Super League last season added.

Other members of Maverley-Hughenden executive are: Oliver Livingston, vice president; Glenroy Flowers, general secretary; Lloyd Mclean, assistant general secretary; Fitzroy Brown, treasurer; Varic Downie, assistant treasurer; Junior Dennis, general manager and Devin Johnson as head of marketing.

"I am pretty confident in the team that will be in charge of the club," Walters expressed.

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