Top local trio dominate at Dover

August 13, 2016
Errol Crosby Doug Gore leads Kyle Gregg comfortably.

Artful driving by local racing titans David Summerbell, Kyle Gregg and Doug Gore lit up the track with exciting and competitive JRDC's Total Independence of Speed Race meet with emphatic wins at the Dover Raceway, in St Ann on Sunday.

As three of the biggest names on the JRDC circuit, they entered the winners' enclosure, recording one win apiece at the event.

Summerbell started race one on pole and excited the crowd with an electrifying win ahead of Gregg and Gore. Gore was relegated to the back of the pack as he did not go through the qualifying round.

"It was good, we all finished with a win, it was safe and sound, and we live to fight another day," said Summerbell.

Race two, which sparked much excitement, was easily the race of the day. It went to Gregg, who blazed past Summerbell, who started at the back using a reverse grid format.

Gregg blazed past the cars driven by Summerbell and Gore like a bullet from a gun, to much amusement from the crowd. Gregg saw an opening which he capitalised on to pass both cars and eventually won the race ahead of Summerbell and Gore.

Gore's bumper was clipped in the process and his car suffered minor damage.

Gregg finished with one win and two second-place finishes, while Summerbell ended with one win, one second and one third place, and Gore one win and two third-place finishes.

Other winners on the day included William Myers, Ackeel Shorter, Fraser McConnell, Ian Wright and Sebastien Rae. Myers was involved in an accident in his second race after he was hit by Nigel Edwards, who was hit in the side by Peter Jaggon. All three drivers were out for the rest of the race day.

Robert McDonald and Kyle Reyolds dominated the MCA bike section, while Kai Watson and Mario Woon had wins in the MCB section.

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