Olympians and footballers are alike

August 24, 2016
@Normal:Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (left) celebrates with Elaine Thompson, following the women's 100 metres final inside the Olympic Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Jamaica's national football team at the National Stadium on March 25.

Elaine Thompson, Omar McLeod, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Shericka Jackson and Usain Bolt inspired and deeply impressed us, as much as so many others who fought hard but weren't able to win a medal this time.

Jamaica is justly proud of their athletes and, of course, of their team of coaches, health-care professionals and the many, many people in the administrations. Whoever has worked in a big organisation knows a good secretary is the most important asset, as are all the many people who worked hard to help the athletes to rise to the top, people who are devoted and strongly believe in the necessity of teamwork and loyalty.

In a few days, Jamaican football has the chance to impress and inspire and we, the national team, believe in the same values. We believe in team play and loyalty and we are confident that we'll be able to surprise our critics. We are prepared, and prepared as best as possible, and we aren't afraid to fight against unfavourable circumstances. What always keeps us going is the people of Jamaica. We want to make you proud. The friendliness and support I experience here in Jamaica every single day, on the street, on the market, in the office, wherever I go, is an outstanding inspiration and I'm very thankful.




We weren't able to invite all the players we approached, but at the end of the day, we have a team full of players who are not only skilled and devoted to success, but who love Jamaica. Players who are totally willing to give 100 per cent and don't mind dealing with trouble to play for their country. Now we concentrate on the last, detailed adjustments, tactical decisions and organisations, and we can't wait to make Jamaica proud.

A word about the development of our local-based players; I have repeatedly explained to the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) and the media what should be done and my team and I developed and presented plans and strategies for the long-term development. There's a lot we need to do, a lot we could do to help our players.

We have many talented ,young players, but we still need better support, better training and development structures, better infrastructure, better fields and competitive games to help them improve. But it isn't easy for the JFF to do all that is necessary alone. I hope after the next two games (we as in the JFF), our sponsors, Jamaican businesses and the Government can come together to talk about strategies to launch the necessary projects as soon as possible.

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