KSAFA boss to step aside soon

August 30, 2016
KSAFA president Stewart Stephenson

Kingston and St Andrew Football Association (KSAFA) president, Ambassador Stewart Stephenson, says due to personal commitments he may step aside in the not too distant future.

Speaking to STAR Sports at last Saturday's KSAFA annual general meeting (AGM), Stephenson revealed that he recently reached the age of retirement as a lecturer at the Norman Manley Law School. As a result he will return to practising law privately, and he believes that being head of KSAFA will interfere and 'conflict' with his work as a private practitioner.

"I think maybe I have run my course ... maybe it's time to pass the baton," he said. "I'm a lawyer and unlike others who have businesses, I work just like a journalist, or a shoemaker, or anybody else," he explained.


Stephenson said he, along with others, started a law firm two months ago and it is going to conflict with his activities at KSAFA.

"Therefore, I have to give attention to that development. KSAFA work is absolutely voluntary not just in terms of time, but oftentimes you have to assist with resources. Now is a time in my life where I have to focus on survival and that is why I have to give thought as to how long I can remain," he said.

Stephenson received favourable reviews from delegates at Saturday's AGM for his term in office, and he is confident the association will be left in good hands after his departure.

"The KSAFA) team has been well trained and I think maybe the time is right, as I am confident in the team around me," he said.

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