Waterhouse FC focusing on youth

August 30, 2016
Donovan White
Coach Marvin Tate
@Normal:Jermain 'Tuffy' Anderson

Veteran Waterhouse forward Jermain 'Tuffy' Anderson declined to comment yesterday after news broke that he had been axed by his Red Stripe Premier League Club, Waterhouse FC.

When contacted, Anderson had only four words: "I will contact you."

Waterhouse announced that they had parted ways with Anderson, citing a new vision for the St Andrew-based club.

New president, Donovan White, disclosed that it was not a rushed decision, but one which the club's executive had been considering for some time.


"The executive of the club has taken a long evaluation of last season's performance (where Waterhouse struggled) and has shifted our vision," White who returned to Waterhouse during the pre-season, told STAR Sports yesterday.

"We have met with Mr Anderson and expressed our gratitude for his 10 years of service to the club. We parted in an amicable way. Our focus is how do we continue to develop our cadre of youth players. We are planning for the future," the president explained.

"He (Anderson) is a free agent and can do what he wants," he also added.

New Waterhouse coach for the Red Stripe Premier League 2016-17 season, Marvin Tate said: "He (Anderson) last trained with the team last week Tuesday."

"The way forward is youth. We have a very promising set of youngsters," Tate added.

Waterhouse has registered new players, they include Nathaniel Leslie from Tru-Juice FC; Odean Edwards (Tru-Juice), Keno Simpson (Barbican), Akino Bailey (Barbican), Ramone McGregor (Barbican), Keshawn Fender (New Kingston), Kevin Kellyman (Rae Town), Cordian Palmer (Maverley/Hughenden), Lenworth Pine (Rivoli United), Diego Haughton (August Town), Chad Polson (Cooreville Gardens), Adrian Robinson (New Kingston) and Romario Willis (Central Kingston).

Waterhouse are scheduled to face the University of the West Indies (UWI) FC in the opening fixture on Sunday at UWI Bowl, Mona, starting at 3:30 p.m.

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