Maverley not depending on a Sterling contribution

September 03, 2016
Lijyasu Simms.

Promoted Maverley/Hughenden FC make a return to the Red Stripe Premier League as a club expected to get major assistance from Maverley-born England and Manchester City football star Raheem Sterling.

However, Maverley/Hughenden club president Craig Walters says that Sterling is yet to assist with funding for the Premier League season.

"We are sourcing sponsorship as it takes money to run the club in the premier league. We have not received any funding from him (Sterling) this season, but he has assisted us in the Major League competition. Sterling is interested in assisting the premier league programme but is yet to do so," Walters, who took over as president during the summer, told STAR Sports.

"It will take a projected $22 to $23 million budget to run the team for the season. We are still seeking sponsorship. We have a few but welcome any others," he added.

With regards to the club's goal for the season, Walters pointed out that they plan to stay in the league anything else would definitely be a bonus.

"Naturally, after 24 years out of the league, our main objective is to maintain a place in the league. Anything after is a bonus," he noted.

For the RSPL new season, the Premier League Clubs Association (PLCA) have added a quarter-final stage.

"The coaching staff has assessed the team from last season and have strengthened every area. We have brought in some new players with premier league experience. It is a good balance. Our top goalscorer Phillip Peddie and main defender Kasai Hinds are expected back from overseas soon," he said.

"The players with experience have to set a standard. Once we are strongly knitted as a family, we will get good results," Walters added.

Maverley/Hughenden FC has signed 12 new players for the upcoming premier league season. The coaches are Lijaysu 'Shaka' Simms and Hugh 'Bingy' Blair.

Meanwhile, Maverley/Hughenden will host games at the Constant Spring Complex, as the Maverley field has not met the requirement of the JFF.

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