Portmore United staying put

September 15, 2016
Osani Ricketts, (left) of Portmore United and Jamoy Sibblies of Maverly Hughenden in action at the Red Stripe Premier League football competition at the Constant Spring football complex on September 11. The game ended 1-1.

Portmore United's rise from the lower league back to almost the summit of local football last season was the most remarkable domestic football story of the 2015-2016 season, and they did it playing away from their customary Ferdie Neita Park home in Braeton, Portmore, using the Juici Patties field in Clarendon instead.

Portmore's first game last season was at the Prison Oval.

However, their next seven home games were held at the Juici Patties field or Middlesex International College before they settled on the Juici field for the rest of the season.

This led many football observers to conclude that the club formerly known as Hazard United, which played out of Clarendon before moving to St Catherine in 2003, was seeking to return to their original stomping ground.

General Manager Clive Marshall dismissed the claims, but after the team opened the season at Juici Patties field and with most of their homes games fixed for that venue, the question of where the club resides has again came to the fore.

Marshall insists that Ferdie Neita Park remains their home and that remedial work that has been ongoing is still not complete which, he says, is causing the delay of their return.

"We didn't get it to where we wanted it last season and the same thing has plagued us at the start of this season with the weather, but we are still working on it and hoping to have a conclusion before the season ends," he told STAR Sports.

"Last year, we played away from home most of the season and that gave the team motivation to play but it doesn't matter where the venue is, these guys are motivated to play," he said.


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