No more football without medical personnel - Small

September 22, 2016

Calling the sudden passing of St George's College captain Dominic James a loss "too many," Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA) President Dr Walton Small says his organisation will be looking to have no second round ISSA-Flow Manning cup matches played "without minimum medical personnel present."

Small pointed out that ISSA's protocols is to instruct all schools to have medical facilities very close to their schools.

"We are looking seriously to discuss at our meeting tomorrow (today) to have at-least the minimum of an Electrocardiogram (ECG)," Small said in an interview yesterday.

"As it goes into the second round, where ISSA has responsibility to execute the matches there are always ambulance, a stretcher and medical personnel," he continued, adding that schools are expected to have medical assistance near.


Medical facilities


"One of the protocols is that, sure all schools have instructions to have medical facilities very close to your school, so that within 15 minutes or so, you should have services to take them there," he explained.

The Wolmer's Boys principal, whose school has a team doctor assigned, did admit that some schools can afford medical teams and others can't, but maintains that minimum requirements should be adhered to.

"It's a lot of schools. It is almost impossible to provide ambulance services for all schools, even if you were to get all the ambulances in Jamaica, the volume of matches we play we would not have them there,' he stressed.

He said ISSA was not able to provide ambulance service for all schools throughout the competition.

"Well the protocol as it exists right now that no match can be played unless there is medical personnel, so the minimum that we expect is that there must be at least a school nurse, fortunately for some schools they can afford a medical practitioner, and that has taken place,' he confirmed.

Small added that James' loss has dampened the spirit of the competition, but has called on stakeholders.

- S.F.

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