Calabar field impresses friend and foe

October 03, 2016
Coach Lijyasu Simms and defender Nackwayne Parchment of Maverley-Hughenden FC at Thursday's Red Stripe Premier League press briefing.

Glen Laing, football coach at St Jago High School, has described the pitch at Calabar High as "a beautiful surface".

Laing, who directed St Jago to a 1-0 victory over the host team in Group G of the Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association/FLOW Manning Cup last Friday, says he would play at Calabar every day.

His Calabar counterpart, Lijyasu Simms, believes the plush surface will help his team in the seasons to come.

"It is nice when the schoolboys can train on the proper surface," pronounced the St Jago coach after the game.

"It is also exciting for us to take them out and train them."

St Jago's Monk Street field has been out of service for several months due to a work programme to rehabilitate it. In those circumstances, it was a joy for St Jago to play on Calabar's Red Hills Road campus.

"I'd play at Calabar every day. It's just a beautiful surface. They're taking care of it and I really appreciate coming down here."

Simms feels the same way. "Millions of dollars were spent on this surface and it is a good surface for good football, as you can see. The Calabar team executed some good football today but, unfortunately, it just didn't go in our favour," he commented.

Without giving up on the current schoolboy season, Simms thinks the improved surface will help Calabar's football in the future.

"This is the start of the programme and it can only get better as we go along," he said.

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