Nicholson, Richards lead Premier League scorers

October 22, 2016
Jamalco's Rohan Richards
Shamar Nicholson

Boys' Town's Shamar Nicholson and Rohan Richards of newly-promoted Jamalco Football Club are the top scorers with four goals apiece after six rounds of action of the 2016/2017 Red Stripe Premier League season.

Nicholson has scored four of the Red Brigade's five goals this season and relishes the opportunities he has been given by the team's technical director, Andrew Price.

"Coach Price is confident in my ability to score goals, so I am the man. My target for the season is 30 goals which is a lot but that is the target," the 19-year-old told STAR Sports.

Rochane Smith of the UWI FC is in third position in the goal-scoring tables having scored three goals so far this season.

Eleven players from seven clubs have scored two goals each.

Damari Deacon and Lennox Russell from Arnett Gardens; Levaughan Williams and Wolry Wolfe from Humble Lion; Rodrico Wellington and Nicholas Scott from Maverley-Hughenden; Dino Williams and Allan Ottey of Montego Bay United; Rochane Sharpe of Jamalco; Jermaine Johnson of Tivoli Gardens, and Rodave Murray of Waterhouse are the strikers with two goals each.

Seventy goals have been scored so far this season with newcomers Jamalco, who are in third place in the team rankings, leading with 10 goals scored so far this season.

With seven goals scored are Arnett Gardens, Maverley-Hughenden, UWI FC, and Humble Lion.

Tivoli Gardens FC have scored six goals this season, followed by Portmore United and Boys Town with five goals each.

Waterhouse with four and Harbour View with two have the lowest number of goals.

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