Proactive Wolmer's shun favourites tag

November 05, 2016
St George's College's Alex Marshall (left) and Wolmer's Tafari Anderson in a Manning Cup football match at the Constant Spring field on Tuesday. Wolmer's defeated St George's 2-0.

While former ISSA-FLOW Manning Cup champions Wolmer's Boys are no strangers to semi-finals, coach Vassell Reynolds remains cautiously optimistic about any favourites tag handed to his team, noting they will remain grounded and keep working hard.

The Heroes Circle-based institution are FLOW Super Cup semi-finalists and could win three second-round games from three in the Manning Cup next week, to advance to that semi-final as well.

Wolmer's while playing with a packed schedule have been one of the most consistent all season.

"I would want to think that the results indicate something like that (favourite) but we want to remain focused. We don't want to get carried away, and we want to keep our feet grounded and continue to work hard," Reynolds told STAR Sports.

Wolmer's lifted the Walker Cup knockout title last year.

This year, they have one of the meanest defences and are scoring goals in the process.

"The difference between this team and last year's team was that last year we figured that we didn't have the fire power up front so we mostly stuck to our defensive posture. This year we are doing well at both ends, and apart from forwards Alphanso Gooden and Rivaldo English, we have other people scoring," admitted Reynolds.

Wolmer's have reinforced their attack game with new recruit Yannick Elliott from St Jago.

According to Reynolds, when Gooden's goals dried up last year, the team struggled. This year, however, they have four to five people scoring and other people stepping up to the plate.

"That is one of the reasons why the team keeps winning," he said.

Reynolds added that his management team has done a wonderful job in terms of recuperation, and keeping the players mentally prepared, noting that they will not get complacent.

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