Young swimmer sets sights on Olympics

November 16, 2016
Emily MacDonald at last weekend's Walter Lowi Swim meet held at the National Aquatics Centre.

Young swimmer Emily MacDonald has her sights set on getting to the Olympics and World Championships of swimming.

The 13-year-old who has been swimming since age seven was one of the outstanding performers at last weekend's Walter Lowi Swim meet at the National Aquatics Centre.

MacDonald set a new mark in the girls' 11 and over 400m Individual medley clocking five minutes 45.46 seconds in the final. She also lowered the girls' 11 and over 200m butterfly with a new record of two minutes 35.22 seconds in the preliminaries.

The Campion College eighth grader is one of the hardest workers in local age group swimming.

"I love swimming a lot. I train and give it my all six days a week. I try my hardest for each race and aim to do better each time," she said.

As record breaker at several age groups, the youngster said each mark means a lot to her.

"It feels good. I am always going for better and I am confident I can take my records lower, if I work on the breast-stroke," she reasoned.


Ranked first


MacDonald's national age group records include; the girls 11-12 50m freestyle, age 9-10 100m butterfly, 11-12 100m freestyle and 200m freestyle in the same age group.

"In my age group I am ranked first overall in most events, and at my school also but I look internationally and look at international times which motivate me to always get better," the youngster told STAR Sports.

She added: "I want to keep lowering my times each swim meet. I want to go for the 200m butterfly national record, and I am hoping to break the mark at another meet."

Lynval Lowe, head coach of Swimaz Aquatic, and a former coach of Olympian Alia Atkinson, is the one overseeing MacDonald's budding career. MacDonald is hoping to match or even surpass the accomplishments of Atkinson.

"I want to go to the Olympics and make several other World Championship events, I am very determined to do it," she pointed out.

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