All for my family, says Bolt

December 08, 2016
Usain Bolt and his mother Jennifer.

He was a gift to the athletics world but Usain Bolt said he started out only intending to fend for his family and trying to help, and support them.

"I never really thought about (fame)," he told STAR Sports at the local premiere of his film I Am Bolt on Tuesday evening.

"It was never really about how much money I would really make. It was always just trying to fend for my family, and trying to help them, and support them. That's all I wanted to do," he added.


Inspired people


Having won nine Olympic gold medals and 11 World Championships gold medals however, the 30-year-old Bolt maintains just wants to remembered as the best.

"My legacy is all about just what I have done, and I think I have inspired people and helped people to be better. I have really just been a role model and that is the legacy that I am carrying on and living for right now," he said.

Bolt's resplendent career is now in its final stretch with the IAAF World Championships his final curtain.

"I don't know which direction I will be going, but in time when it comes next year I will figure out which direction and what I should do, we will see," admitted Bolt.

Speaking of his documentary, Bolt said the film is about impacting lives by the way he lived his life.

"We will see if I am a Hollywood star soon. We are working on it," a happy Bolt pointed out.

Bolt continued: "Well what I hoped, I achieved, I got a lot of calls, people saying I inspire them and they are happy and they got emotional and stuff like that so all these things that happen I am glad it happened cause that is how I want people to feel, inspired and feel all the emotions that I go through so it is very good."

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