Double delight as sons win football crowns on same day

December 09, 2016
Father Crimson Bloomfield (centre) father of Shamal Bloomfield (left) and Shamar Bloomfield Tivoli Gardens and Kingston College footballers. Both boys won schoolboy football titles on the same day.

Crimson 'Zane' Bloomfield is a proud father following the achievements of his sons in winning trophies in schoolboy junior and senior football competition, recently.

Eleven year-old Shamal Bloomfield was a member of the historic Tivoli Gardens High team that staged a 1-0 upset victory against Kingston College in the ISSA-Tru-Juice Under-14 final at the National Stadium on December 1.

Then, in the second game on the same day, 16-year-old Shamar Bloomfield played on the KC team that tagged Jamaica College 2-0 in the ISSA-FLOW Walker Cup final.

The senior Bloomfield had double delight. He is very proud of both boys.

"I was at the National Stadium and it was certainly a great feeling to see my sons winning titles for two different schools on the same day. I am still overwhelmed," Crimson told STAR Sports.


coaching certificate


Crimson, who is the holder of a Jamaica Football Federation coaching certificate, says he is always present at training sessions and matches to support his sons.

He also pointed out that their mother, Opal Chasman, is fully supportive.

Crimson says that he knows that the boys are also very happy, but they don't show emotions, especially the older one.

"The younger boy was a bit disappointed because he did not play in the final. However, he is happy that Tivoli won the Under-14 trophy," the father disclosed.

He said that the siblings have different playing styles.

"Shamar is skillful, pacey, and has great potential, but plays by the coach's instruction, while Shamal is very creative and will try things on his own.


Senior team


"I wish the best for them and will always try to support them in whatever way possible," the Tivoli resident added.

In addition to winning the Walker Cup, which was the first for KC in 16 years, Shamar was also a member of the North Street-based institution's champion ISSA-Tru Juice Under-16 outfit.

He also said that Shamar caught the eyes of Tivoli Gardens FC Red Stripe Premier League coach, Omar Edwards, and was invited to train with the senior team after the schoolboy season ended.

Shamar is currently in fifth form and is looking towards sitting eight subjects in the CXC examination next year.

Shamal is a past student of Clan Carthy Primary, where he was a member of that school's champion team.

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