Exciting climax to Drag Challenge 5

December 13, 2016
File Drag racing at Vernamfield.

When starter Verdane Wallace pressed the button to send off the last two cars for Drag Challenge 5 the sun had long dipped in the horizon, but the fading light could not dim the bright excitement on the Vernamfield track in Clarendon.

Sunday, December 11, 2016, will forever go down as the day that all classes in the drag challenge were represented, and all except one hotly contested and a new Jamaica land speed record. One hundred and fifty-five supremely prepped cars went to the line. Each driver held nothing back as he planted a right foot that threatened to bore a hole in the floor.

When the smoke cleared and the roar of the engine became a satisfied grunt, Adrian McLymont in the 'Crawford' Ford Mustang laid down a blinding 7.898sec on the quarter mile at a top speed of 179.99 mph. This means that Crawford is the fastest machine without wings ever in Jamaica.

In other action, the cars were fast all day and then some with many breaking out of their classes. Probably the most celebrated highlight was when sub-10 king Asafa Powell exchanged spikes for driving shoes to qualify handsomely for the 11-second class in his Nissan Skyline GTR. However, in the elimination rounds, Powell's lead foot kicked out a blistering 10.78 seconds down the quarter mile to thereafter confine him to the spectator stands since his car was too fast for its class.


Super Street 15

Winner: Tahj Edwards, 15.341sec - 75.50mph in a Mitsubishi Colt

Runner-up: Duran Martin, 15.599sec - 90.50mph in a Honda Integra

Pro Street 13

Winner: Damian Scott, 12.859sec - 95.70mph - Fiat Uno

Runner-Up: Ray Williams, 12.849sec - 101.71mph -Subaru WRX STi (B/O)

Auto King 12

Winner: Courtney Parish, 18.908sec - Toyota Starlet

Runner-Up: Donald Francis, 18.213 - Toyota Starlet

Maggie 10

Winner: Eugene Grandison, 9.903sec - 154.53mph - Honda Civic

Runner-Up: Richard Nicholas, 10.483sec - 119.36mph, Toyota Starlet (R/L)

NDRC Pro Race 7

Winner: Adrian McLymont, 7.898sec - 179.99mph - Ford Mustang

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