JBA head hails performance of young boxers

December 14, 2016

Jamaica Boxing Association (JBA) president Stephen Jones says the national team's performance at the Caribbean Development Boxing Championships in Barbados last week has enhanced their reputation as regional competitors and set the stage for a more active 2017.

Jamaica finished third in the championships with eight medals, which included two gold, four silver and two bronze and he was full of praise for the two gold medalists, Keron Thomas and Jerone Ennis.

Jones said Thomas' success represents more than boxing, while he calls Ennis the 'future'.

Seventeen-year-old Thomas only took up boxing eight months ago under a programme the association initiated in the inner-cities of Denham Town, Hannah Town and Fletchers Land. She has progressed well in the sport and came away with the gold medal in the Novice flyweight..

"What's pleasing about Keron is that the boxing association is part of a youth development programme which uses boxing and martial arts to get discipline to inner-cities communities and she is the first real product from that environment," Jones said.

"So it shows that a lot can come out of the inner-cities," Jones added.

In the youth welterweight final, Ennis ended tied with Hopkin Ebanks of the Cayman Islands at the end of their bout and even though there was a points deduction on Jamaica for a rule infringement, the judges awarded the gold to Ennis and Jones thought it was deserving of his talent and hard work.

"Jerome is just an unbelievable talent so we were expecting the gold so it's just to manage him and keep his ego down and the focus on track," he said.

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