Jemison stoked for Florida trial

January 25, 2017
Shamar Jemison (left) celebrates with his fellow Wolmer's High School players following the team's victory in the Flow Super Cup semifinal encounter at Sabina Park on Saturday, November 11, 2016

Outstanding Wolmer's Boys goalkeeper, Shamar Jemison is hoping to successfully complete his ongoing trial with Florida Memorial University, while looking ahead to an eventual Reggae Boyz team call-up.

The 19-year-old goalie's one week trial began Monday and it will end on Saturday.

Jemison's talent caught that coach's eyes at the 8th Annual Casa Youth Classic, held at Lauderhill Hill Sports Complex, in Florida, last December.

"They made the approach. I feel good in myself to be on trial, as I get to meet players from all over like; Brazil and Argentina," he told STAR Sports.


My first choice


The Jamaican will have to compete with 35 other possible recruits, noting he knows a few other Jamaicans at the Florida Campus.

"It's always my first choice to be a professional goalkeeper, and after training everyday the coach tells me this is my team," he said.

The player represented Flow Super Cup champions and beaten Manning Cup finalist Wolmer's in 20 matches last season, keeping a sterling 18 sheets.

He was awarded the Dominic James MVP Award for his brilliant season.

"I would leave (Jamaica) if I get the offer from this college, I think it is the best choice," he pointed out.

Jemison will be expecting to leave Wolmer's by September, this year, noting that wants to earn a place as national goalkeeper.

Meanwhile, the teen, who trained with Jamaica's senior Reggae Boyz team, last week says anything can happen in football (with injuries), so he wants to get a good education.

"I want the education and football, and then take it on from there.

"I trained with the national team, and it's a different feeling from schoolboy football but I know I will be ready for it, once I get more time playing with the older guys, and just keep working harder," he added.

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