Rough play killing local football - Waite

February 03, 2017
Portmore United's Maalique Foster (left) puts Fabian Reid of Arnett Gardens under pressure during a Red Stripe Premier League match in Spanish Town earlier this season.
Arnett Gardens coach Jerome Waite

Jerome Waite, coach of Red Stripe Premier League team Arnett Gardens, believes the physical nature of the local premier league is killing the beautiful game and driving away spectators.

Speaking after his team's 3-1 loss to Portmore United at the Prison Oval on Sunday, Waite said his team was finding it increasingly difficult to play their natural game because of the aggressive approach of some teams in the league.

Waite thinks it's an issue that needs to be addressed urgently.

We need to really look at the local league and what is going on as it relates to the physical game because we need to see some football, and that is something that is running away spectators. They are not seeing the beautiful game," said Waite.

"They need to see good football as that is what spectators come out to watch, but, today (Sunday), it was pretty much physical," he said.

He was full of admiration for Michael Binns' tremendous strike, which sealed the win for Portmore.

"But outside of that, the game was pretty much physical," Waite insisted.

Arnett Gardens, on 28 points, have remained static in sixth place since the end of the first round, with five losses and four wins from their ten games in this round.

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