Andrews hits back


February 09, 2017
Ian Andrews

Embattled INSPORTS administrative director Ian Andrews has accused the agency's board of directors of victimising him for adhering to the organisation's guidelines and protocols, and has called on Sports Minister Olivia Grange to intervene after he was suspended on allegations of misconduct.

In a memo to staff members yesterday, which was obtained by STAR Sports, Andrews defended his position and underlined several issues with the Lloyd Pommells-chaired board, ranging from accusations of governance and protocol breaches to what he described as an undermining of his role.

The rehiring of two retirees has been one of the main sources of contention for Andrews in this his latest run-in with the INSPORTS Board. However, he added that the board not only undermined his authority, but deliberately hindered the process to access resources, which resulted in the agency not meeting its obligation to creditors.

"I honestly believe I am being victimised simply because I did not follow the inappropriate instruction of the board to hire two retirees without the requisite approval from the Ministry of Finance and Public Service," Andrews' letter read.




"I will seek Minister (Olivia) Grange's intervention in having the matter of the board's inappropriate behaviour rectified," Andrews stated in the release.

In 2013, Auditor General Pamela Monroe Ellis reported INSPORTS did not conduct annual performance staff appraisals, and that Andrews took a decision to reclassify 13 of 14 staff members to higher positions.

This resulted in unauthorised payments of $24.6 million for June 2007 to June 2011.

In 2015, the previous Don Anderson-led board removed Andrews' signing authority, and sent him on administrative leave. But he was returned with signing privileges after a Ministry of Finance directive.

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