Managers worry that top brass absence hurting football

February 20, 2017
JFF General Secretary, Raymond Grant
File Powell

Concerned football supporters are wondering the effect the persistent absence of several members of the Jamaica Football Federation's (JFF) hierarchy is having on the country's football administration.
JFF president Captain Horace Burrell is receiving medical treatment overseas; General Secretary Raymond Grant returned to work with the Portland Parish Council; first and second vice-presidents, Bruce Gaynor and Raymond Anderson are almost invisible, and treasurer Garfield Sinclair was relocated to Miami as president of FLOW Caribbean.
Two local football presidents, Rudolph Speid of Cavalier and Orville Powell of Montego Bay United say their absence can't be good.
"The person that's missing is Captain (Burrell) and whether he is there or not there is not much difference. He is sick and that is in the back of our heads. But we have got accustomed to the JFF being run like this. Everyone is a figure head, get rid of them and the same thing happens," Powell told STAR Sports.
"The hours needed for our football is 18 hours a day but decisions are made by captain, so it is business as usual," he added.
No corrective action
Speid agrees that their absence has little impact but said it cannot be a good thing.
"Nothing was happening because our football keeps going down but you feel worse because you don't have access to people," he said.
"If they can't find time, they don't have the interest and that interest wanes when you are not in a winning position. It affects us because there is no corrective action," he commented.
The former Kingston and St Andrew Football Association boss believes local football will hit rock-bottom before it rebounds.
Powell believes the federation is not being run properly.
"The general secretary, they cannot pay so he had to go back to work. The president says we haven't got any money and they didn't have an audited statement. That is an indictment on the man responsible for the finances of the federation (Sinclair). This should have serious implications but people don't care," he insisted.


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