Short notice, no compensation for national players irks clubs

March 04, 2017
MoBay United's Kevon Lambert (left), looks to play the ball forward as Romario Campbell of Waterhouse FC is about to make a challenge in their RSPL match at Wespow Park on January 8.
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Montego Bay United's Dwayne Ambusley
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Clubs get no compensation for releasing players for national duties on non-FIFA dates, football administrators Orville Powell and Clyde Jureidini confirmed to STAR Sports, after some local clubs were disgruntled with the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) following a late request for players for their last friendly international against Honduras in the United States.

The game was on a non-FIFA date, which meant local clubs would not have some of their top assets available, especially Montego Bay, who boasted five players in the squad.

Montego Bay president, Orville Powell, insisted on guidelines being followed as his team was denied a request for postponement, with five players in the squad.

"Regardless if it's a FIFA date or not, regulations are clear. If you have four or more players on the national team, your game should be postponed, and that wasn't the case with us.

"Nothing in the regulations speaks to (compensating clubs for players). I don't have a problem releasing players, but if a team has a domestic game and players are in the squad, the game should be postponed because it only weakens your team and compromise the league," said Powell.

Powell commended team manager Roy Simpson.

"The Jamaica Football Federation did something wrong and he apologised sincerely for the situation, and we couldn't ask for anything more. We have to put that behind us," Powell explained.

Harbour View general manager, Clyde Jureidini, says clubs are more compelled to release players on FIFA dates.

"If clubs have an issue for non-FIFA dates, they either release or don't release the player. On a FIFA date, they are more compelled to, but if they have a problem they can discuss the player being or not being released. When a player is selected there is a contract for the player," said Jureidini.

He noted that the recent contention with the clubs and national team was due to the late request for players.

"It had nothing to do about money or releasing players. It was a very late request, and those requests have to be made in a certain timeline," he reasoned.

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