Brazil game organisers target biennial exhibition match

March 06, 2017
@Normal:Walter 'Blacka' Boyd (left) of the Jamaica All-Stars going past two Brazil All-Stars players during the 'Share The Love' exhibition match at the National Stadium in February.

Andre Virtue, organiser of the Brazilian All-Stars and Jamaica All-Stars exhibition game which was played at the National Stadium on Friday, is looking at the prospect of hosting an exhibition game at least every two years.

He said organising the event was a major challenge and he at one stage thought it would be a total flop because of the late announcement.

However he is committed to the development of Jamaica's football, especially at the grassroots and believes the country need more inspirational projects like this to motivate our youngsters and aid development.

"We spoke about bringing the Brazilians here for a while and you have to start somewhere, so we did this one. The fact that we were able to bring people like Rivaldo, Dunga, Edilson who are world greats was just fabulous. The country need more things like this and maybe every two years we do something like this," he said.

"It was a very short window for us to pull it off but we have to do things like this to develop our football and corporate Jamaica needs to get more involved in development projects like this," he added.

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